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freezers repairFreezers are some of the most sought-after household appliances in America. Currently, a good number of business ventures use these machines for commercial purposes. Often, we require to preserve food items for various reasons. Many people prefer to shop in bulk. Hence, a functional storage appliance is paramount in keeping your food items fresh. Also, a business owner running, for instance, a dairy shop, relies on a freezer for storage purposes. Restaurants and hotels also utilize these machines to preserve foodstuffs and other ingredients involved in meal preparation. Therefore, we cannot underrate the significance of having a functional freezer.

Like most appliances, freezers become faulty as you continue to use them. Some of the reasons for this include wear and tear which is unpreventable. We advise regular maintenance and repair of your freezer to boost its useful life. However, regardless of your efforts to sustain the perfect working condition of your freezer, you will experience some breakdowns occasionally. How do you go about such an occurrence? Firstly, it is vital to be aware of the various freezer defects. Also, monitor the working of your appliance. If you notice any malfunction, address the defects without delay.

Frequent Freezer Defects

The current market offers an assemblage of freezers by different brands. However, regardless of the model, all freezers exhibit some common defects. Some of the faults you are likely to notice with your appliance include:

  • The machine fails to switch on or off
  • The freezer does not cool
  • The appliance takes an extended time to cool
  • The machine over-cools
  • There is a leakage of water from your appliance
  • The freezer operates noisily
  • The cycling off feature is defective
  • Broken freezer doors
  • The machine fails to defrost automatically

These are just examples of some prevalent freezer defects. If your machine exhibits any of them, you require to act instantly. Since most of us are reliant on this appliance, it is a hurdle operating with a broken freezer. Also, the longer you delay addressing the defect, the more severe the damage becomes. Eventually, you may spend more in repair expenses. So, why wait for the flaws to escalate? You also risk throwing away all your stored food due to spoilage. Thus, whenever your machine malfunctions, it calls for immediate action. Fortunately, there are alternatives to dealing with a broken freezer.

Tips on What to Do When Your Freezer Breaks Down

The first alternative is to purchase a new appliance. That means spending hundreds of dollars. Thus, this is usually the last resort. We advocate for purchase only when your faulty freezer breaks down beyond repair. If not, the next best alternative is to consult expert appliance repair technicians for assistance. It is a fast and economical option. Redlands Appliance Repair offers long term repair solutions. With our help, you should have your freezer working in no time.

Why Choose Us

At Redlands Appliance Repair, we focus on providing outstanding services to our customers. Since our inception, we have availed our services to residents within and outside the region. Our competent technicians who are EPA certified tackle all repairs. Thus, there is a guarantee of top-notch work. Also, when hiring our technicians, we go for the best guys in the game. We understand the value of your appliances. Therefore, we would not wish to cause any further damage once you entrust us with a repair. As a result, we are strict on ensuring that every member on our team is conversant with freezer defects and can provide long-lasting solutions.

To schedule an appointment with us, give us a call. One of our communicative customer care attendants will note down your request. We immediately dispatch a proficient technician to your doorstep. Our services are same-day so that you can have your freezer running in a short period. Also, we provide our services at favorable rates.

Brands We Repair

For a handful of years, our technicians have corrected numerous freezers from different brands. Hence, the experience puts us in a superior position to handle the top appliance brands in the country. Among them are:

  • Kitchen Aid
  • Subzero
  • Wolf
  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • Viking
  • Samsung
  • Thermador
  • GE
  • Bosch
  • Scotsman
  • GE
  • Westinghouse
  • Electrolux
  • LG
  • DCS
  • Scotsman
  • And many more

We also render maintenance services for most household and commercial kitchen machines. Our doors are open 24/7.

Contact Us

If you would wish to have your broken appliances fixed, kindly request for our services by calling us toll-free through our number:

+1 (909) 328-4587