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REFRIGERATOR REPAIRRefrigerators have been in use for a long time. Since their invention, these appliances have revolutionized food preservation. Numerous households and businesses depend on refrigerators to keep their food items fresh for a long time. Under normal temperatures, your food rots. Foodstuffs like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, among others requires to be stored in very low temperatures that only a refrigerator can provide. That is what makes this appliance indispensable in homes and various business undertakings. Hence, it is of prime importance to use your fridge appropriately once you purchase it. Also, regular maintenance and repair ensure that your appliance remains in good working condition. These efforts go a long way in boosting the useful life of your refrigerator.

However, these appliances are not immune to occasional breakdowns. Regardless of how well you maintain your machine, you will notice some defects after use for some time. Such occurrences are common and should, therefore, cause no panic. The ideal measure to take when your refrigerator breaks down is to deal with the situation instantly. Also, you should monitor the working of your appliance. Sometimes, your fridge might malfunction, and you fail to notice. Timely detection of any repair issues increases the chances of restoration.

Top Refrigerator Problems to Watch Out For

No matter the type, brand, or model of refrigerator that you own, you will still deal with some defects along the way. Some of the common refrigerator defects that you are likely to encounter include:

  • The fridge does not start
  • The appliance leaks water
  • The fridge over cools regardless of the set temperatures
  • Faulty thermostat controls
  • The fridge runs noisily
  • The appliance takes longer to cool
  • The fridge does not cool at all
  • The appliance produces a foul smell when opened
  • Broken refrigerator doors
  • Faulty refrigerator lights
  • The fridge is warm to touch

The significance of a working refrigerator is massive. Hence, once you notice any malfunction with your fridge, address the problem immediately. Without a working refrigerator, all your food will go bad. For businesses especially, this is a significant loss. However, the situation does not have to escalate to that level. Acting immediately after you notice any refrigerator defects saves you on any damages that you would have otherwise incurred.

Tips on How to Deal with A Broken Fridge

When dealing with a broken fridge, there are two options. The most expensive approach is purchasing a new appliance. Replacing your broken refrigerator will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the make of the fridge. Therefore, if it is not necessary to replace your machine, the other available option is to seek for repair services. When looking for an appliance repair company, it is paramount to hire providers that can deliver quality work. At Redlands Appliance Repair, we provide nothing short of that. Once your fridge starts to exhibit any defects, we are your go-to refrigerator repair provider.

Why Choose Us

Redlands Appliance Repair ranks among the top appliance repair companies in the state. Over many years, we have continuously provided appliance services to residents and business owners within the region. However, that does not mean that our services are limited to this state. We also extend our assistance to customers within the neighboring states.

We incorporate the skills of our adept technicians in ensuring that your repair issues are dealt with adequately. Once you call us to request for repair services, we quickly send a team to assist you. Our technicians examine your fridge to establish the precise problem. Afterwards, they offer a long-term solution. We insist on providing you with an all-inclusive estimate of the repair costs upfront. This is to avert any surprises later. However, our rates are very affordable. Once you approve our terms, the repair begins. We deliver same-day services to ensure that you have your appliance running as quickly as possible.

We Repair All Brands

Each day, our technicians restore a variety of refrigerators from the many brands in the market. Thus, this experience enables them to restore your appliances regardless of the brand expertly. Some of the leading oven brands that we encounter include:

  • Kitchen Aid
  • Bosch
  • Whirlpool
  • Viking
  • Scotsman
  • Electrolux
  • Gibson
  • LG
  • Tappan
  • Caloric
  • Coleman
  • Samsung
  • Westinghouse
  • HEIL
  • YORK
  • Amana
  • True
  • And many more

In addition to appliance repair, we also provide regular maintenance for all your appliances. Our services are accessible around the clock.

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If you would wish to arrange for any appliance repair, schedule an appointment by calling us toll-free on:

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