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STOVE AND RANGE REPAIRMost people prefer home-cooked meals to food cooked at fast food joints or restaurants. It is no secret that meals prepared at home are often more nutritious and delicious compared to the meals offered in hotels and restaurants. Also, the nutritional value of home-cooked meals is exceptional. Therefore, most households invest in quality stoves and ranges for meal preparation. Without these appliances, you are forced to eat out which is inconveniencing. Also, a working stove gives you the freedom of cooking whenever you want. If you had to eat out, you require to observe the time that restaurants and hotels open and close.

Commercial entities also use stoves. Industries that deal with catering services require top-notch stoves for preparing customers’ meals. Ventures like a hotel business would not run smoothly without a working stove and range. Hence, the importance of these appliances is evident. That is why it is essential to ensure that you use your stove and range. Also, occasional maintenance and repair are crucial, however, as you continue to use your appliances, some defects exhibit.

But what are some of the oven repair issues that you should be looking out for?

Prevalent Range Defects

Whether your appliance is electric, gas or a dual fuel range, you require to be ready for some of the following malfunctions that you are likely to notice with your freezer:

  • The range has trouble turning on
  • The appliance does not turn off
  • The top burners do not work properly
  • The stove does not heat up
  • The range produces insignificant heat
  • The range overheats
  • The range’s clock displays an error message
  • There is a gas leakage in your appliance
  • Defective electric wiring
  • Broken timers

As soon as you become alert to any of these defects, it is essential to act urgently. You would not want these defects to escalate and cost you more to fix.

Moreover, a range that does not function is no longer useful in your kitchen. For businesses, a broken stove costs you your clients as they are likely to choose other places to enjoy their meals. So, why suffer when there are alternatives?

Ways to Handle Stove & Range Defects

There are two approaches when handling a broken stove and range. If your appliances are damaged beyond repair, you may decide to replace them altogether. This means spending a significant amount of money. Therefore, most people often go for repair services. It is only necessary to get a brand-new stove & range if you completely fail to function. Redlands Appliance Repair is among the exceptional appliance repair providers in the region. We are there to assist you whenever your appliances break down.

Why Choose Us?

Redlands Appliance Repair is your reliable one-stop shop for all your stove and range repair and maintenance services. Our team encompasses a group of the most experienced appliance repair technicians in the business. All our technicians are EPA certified. This guarantees you that skilled technicians handle all your repair issues. Our crew understands the importance of your appliances. Therefore, they are keen to handle them with care. Our services are easily accessible. Call us to make your query, and one of our customer care attendants will note it down. We do not hesitate to send our technicians to restore your appliances. Once they examine your stove and range, they will explain the best solution. We also avail an all-inclusive bill of the expected repair costs upfront just so you can be sure that there will not be any surprise costs once the repair task is done. The great thing with us is that there are never any hidden charges; what we quote upfront is all you’ll need to pay. Our rates are also very pocket-friendly. In case your appliance needs any replacement parts, we’ll use the highest quality options that come with a warranty.

About Us

Redlands Appliance Repair is a family-owned appliance repair company. We are dedicated to providing outstanding services. Our technicians work closely with you to ensure that all your appliances get restored in a short period.

We Repair All Brands

Over our years of dealing with appliance repair, we have restored many stoves and ranges from different brands. Some of the major brands that we restore include:

  • Kitchen Aid
  • Monogram
  • Viking
  • True
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Wolf
  • Kenmore
  • Admiral
  • Jenn-Air
  • Westinghouse
  • Electrolux
  • Bosch
  • Scotsman
  • Frigidaire
  • American Range
  • Among others

Besides appliance repair, we also provide regular maintenance services. Our doors are open 24/7.

Contact Us

To book any of our appliance repair services, please call us through our toll-free number:

+1 (909) 328-4587